Inner World Alignement

The 33-day solution to resolving the hidden mental, emotional, relational and energetic patterns that disrupt your well-being.

Are you finally ready to let go of the baggage and behaviors you know are weighing you down, even though you haven’t put your finger on what they are YET?

What would you say if I told you that in the next 33 days you could have complete clarity on what has been holding you back and be in a position to release it from a place of knowledge? Yes, you can let go of those burdens for good and finally have the relief you’ve been looking for.

You’ve tried therapy, bought group programs, attended workshops and read books but it seems they’ve only scratched the surface on the type of relief you’re searching for. What you really want is depth healing in a 1:1 interaction, tailored to your specific needs with an experienced guide who can accompany you and support you on the way. You wish for the clarity and relief that arises through healing on a mental, emotional, relational and energetic level all at once.

If you are determined to make a significant change now, then…

Inner World Alignment may be perfect for you

Over the course of 33 impactful days, we will locate and heal the root cause of the issue that blocks your well-being. We’ll use the powerful hypnotherapy modality of HeartHealing™ to heal it at the root level and let those unnamed burdens drop away, leaving you free to live your best life.

You’ll leave this session a changed person!

In addition to our 1:1 sessions, you will be fully supported on a daily basis through listening to your personalized success imprint recording. The recording is a key element to make sure you get the best possible results for integrating your healing.

“The HeartHealing™ session was great. Very transformative in my confidence level and the recording was so helpful in solidifying the imprint of being enough."  - AB, USA

What would it mean to you if

  • Your heart was at peace, your mind was clear and you could confidently act to live your best life now.


  • You had clarity on what you’d  love to do for work and you knew in your bones that it was possible and that you could be successful and make a good living from it


  • You could attract relationships that are loving, stable and supportive and people who you feel well around and who are able to be true friends


  • You repaired relationships or moved on from toxic ones easily because you authentically value yourself.


  • You were the changemaker, the one who was strong enough to identify and end the destructive patterns of childhood wounding in your family now and for future generations.

Andrea Olsen
Inner World Guide, Mentor, certified HeartHealing® Level 1 Practitioner

Hello, I’m Andrea and I help people permanently heal the mental, emotional, relational and energetic blocks that limit them from reaching their full potential. We discover with complete clarity, the root of what disturbs your well-being and resolve it on all levels for lasting change so you’re free to live your best life now. 


When you heal your childhood wounds, emotional baggage and self-sabotaging behaviors drop away automatically. You are then free to:

  •  Finally relax and enjoy your life
  •  Confidently stand up for yourself and put boundaries down with ease
  •  Start that business or pursue that dream job
  • Attract your truly compatible and harmonious  partner
  • Choose your best, most meaningful life and take action to live it now

“I'm seeing positive change in all aspects of my life.” - KF, United Kingdom


I spent the past six years trying to find what was causing my painful beliefs, fears and self-sabotaging behaviors and tried everything I could think of to find relief.  I did all kinds of psychological therapies, body work, spiritual practices, meditation, consciousness work and energy medicine. I read self-help books and spent thousands of dollars on programs, intensives and retreats. Although many of these practices were beneficial, I never got the lasting relief I was searching for. 

Then I found HeartHealing. In my first session I discovered that a painful incident in my childhood caused me to stop trusting myself. My powerful child’s mind mistakenly thought that to stay safe, I needed to outsource decisions of what’s right for me to others. This belief was the hidden steering mechanism for my life for the next 35 years. Since I didn’t trust myself, I found that I attracted people who weren’t trustworthy and lived through many painful experiences that seemed to repeat over and over. 

Finally discovering that this lack of self-trust was the reason for so much of my unease and negative behaviors was life-changing. Since the day I healed this wound in myself, I have been a different person. So many unnamed burdens just dropped away. I’m now a woman who can trust herself fully and I now guide my life from that knowing.

My entire life changed after that.

I easily saw that a number of people in my life were “toxic” to my well-being and I let them go. I began attracting wonderful friends into my life who were kind and supportive and helped me begin to thrive. I started my own business and I love what I do because I trust that I know what’s best for me.

I share this story as an example of how hidden mechanisms  formed in childhood can derail our lives, and we can have no idea that they are even there.

 Each person has different wounds but HeartHealing is a powerful modality that will show you exactly what happened, what needs to heal and I will guide and assist you to heal it fully. 

I was so moved by the effectiveness and lasting change possible with this modality that I decided to become a certified HeartHealing practitioner! I also have intuitive gifts, a huge perk of healing my self-trust, and I can use those gifts to tailor my work with each client to help them reach their best outcome. I have strong compassion for human wounding and its effects because I have lived through pain, heartbreak and difficulty and I love that there is an effective path out of it. I get so excited thinking of who and what  we can be as humans when freed of our subconscious burdens!

“I have known Andrea for a while and I am deeply impressed by her path and dedicated approach to this work. I know with certainty that she doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. She has transformed her own life before helping people transform theirs. Through her experience her work becomes genuine and deeply transformative. It is this experience why I trust her deeply as a guide. She helps me forge my own path that is authentic to me, she helps me trust myself and heal the wounds that get in my way."  - SM, Germany


We get to journey together over 33 transformative days.  Stage one begins with a deep dive into your conscious beliefs. In your powerful onboarding session we will start to unravel what holds you back and to identify your true wants, wishes and desires.  Previous clients have expressed how they notice a palpable change even with just filling in the intake form before the session.

You will be given a deeply relaxing hypnosis meditation at the end of this session that will prepare and support you as we move towards your 90 minute HeartHealing® session.


Stage two moves your journey to the subconscious level. In your HeartHealing session, we will uncover the true root cause of your burden, the one that has been driving your conscious thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  This session will release the pain and the hurt that has been holding you back, there will be tears, there will be laughter and you will emerge feeling powerful, strong and excited for the future.


This session unpacks a lot so in order to reinforce and strengthen the transformation towards complete healing at stage 3, you will receive a tailored live success imprint recording to listen to for at least 25 days to integrate your healing on a mental, emotional, relational and energetic level.


We wrap up your healing package with a final conscious level session on the 33rd day. In this session we celebrate your transformation and define your new direction.


  • Full email support throughout the journey. You will feel completely supported each step of the way, knowing that I am just an email away if you have any questions or breakthroughs that you would like to share with me.


  • Powerful transformational materials (as homework and recommendations) tailored to you as needed, pulled from my years of learning what works for real change on mental, emotional, relational, and energetic  levels.

“I never thought I would find myself considering this modality but it has helped me reach a depth of my subconscious mind that I never thought I’d be able to reach. You have helped me immensely! I really appreciate you and the space that you held for me."  - AM, USA

This is right for you if…

  • You are ready to finally resolve what has been holding you back and you are determined and committed to doing what it takes to get the relief  you’ve  been searching for.  
  • You are open minded to new modalities
  • You can commit to listening to your personalized recording for the full 25 days.

But not right for you if…

  • You think it’s possible for someone else to just “fix” you
  • You are skeptical of hypnotherapy and need to be convinced of its effectiveness
  • The words “soul” and “energy” make you uncomfortable
  • You are epileptic or suffer from a psychotic illness (hypnotherapy is not recommended in these situations)
  • You are still in the traumatic situation you are seeking help for. For example, if you have been in an abusive relationship in the past but have left that situation, you are in the perfect place to do deep healing. If you are still in an abusive relationship, you’ll need to focus on exiting that situation before seeking help with HeartHealing® and Inner World Alignment.

The Investment


*Prices subject to change
Apply now/Book a call to secure your spot


Everyone is different, thank goodness for that, so everyone's experience is different. There is no right or wrong timeframe. Some people report huge immediate shifts and some people notice subtle changes because when the burden isn’t present anymore, you don’t notice it! Some people notice changes in their mindset and behavior retroactively and some notice all of the above. However change happens for you, it will be deep and permanent.
We will do the sessions online via Zoom. From the comfort of your own home, you get to relax in your own chosen, safe space. Working through Zoom also allows us to work together no matter where you are in the world. I will be recording the session as well to create your personalized success imprint from what happens live in the session.
Yes, you can split the cost into three payments. The third payment will need to be complete before we do the final HeartHealing™ session.
Yes, we can work on one wound with my Inner World Alignment 33-day journey with HeartHealing™ Click Here for Details
Hypnosis works through a process of creating a burst of brain waves that are the same as when you’re in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. That’s how you’re able to access the subconscious mind. It’s very easy and anyone can do it.
Yes. You are in conscious control the whole time. You are able to speak, laugh or cry, ask questions, move your body, or even grab a tissue.

Still have additional questions before committing?

I want this to be a hell yes from you to ensure that you get the most out of our time together, so if there are any additional questions that you may have please book a discovery call with me at your earliest convenience so that we can address these and help you make your decision.

If you are finally ready to drop your burdens for good, book a 15-minute discovery call with me now.

Make the investment in yourself


*Prices subject to change
Apply now/Book a call to secure your spot

I’m looking forward to talking. I would love to accompany you in stepping into the better life that’s waiting for you!

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